HMDWL 125! It’s our 4th anniversary, and tonight we review some of the HMWL Lexicon that’s developed over the years including extras in the movies of our lives, turban’ it, a touch of fancy, soft pants, the I Love Lucy moment, and linewalkers.

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5 Responses to “HMDWL 125”

  1. Cliff from Atlanta Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you both for 4 great years of How Much Do We Love. I truly love HMDWL. You guys brighten up my commute to work which isn't pretty here in Atlanta. I have a photo of my great grandmother when she was turbaning it. I'll post it on the Facebook page.

    My I Love Lucy moment: When I was 17 I applied Rain-X to my windshield and drove over to a friends house in another county. This was rural Georgia and it was dark and it started to rain. There was nobody on that road. I was so amazed at the way the rain just beaded up and ran off the glass. I didn't turn on the wipers so I could watch it. Unfortunately I was watching the rain and not the road not realizing the road was curving and drove straight into a ditch. I wasn't hurt but boy did I feel dumb. I crashed my car because I was watching the rain.

  2. Scott Sutton Says:

    Sarah I will totally take that Tiki Head!! I'll pay for postage and everything.

  3. P from Chicago Says:

    "Gambling with Mollusks"— a great fake band name!

  4. Maggie Says:

    Congrats on FOUR years! I've been listening about 2 of those years.

    Wanted to say thanks for making me laugh even when I didn't think I could.

    I woke up grumpy today…sat at work and turned THIS episode on….drinking my refreshing coca cola. Then I heard the words that made me spew coke all over my keyboard. Multiple Cumins. My coworkers thought I was crying! I guess I was…TEARS OF LAUGHTER.

    Thanks again!

    *tips her urban/suburban bourbon turban in your direction and curtsies

  5. Missy J Says:

    Finally getting caught up on episodes and caught 125 today. Wanted to tell you about my I Love Lucy moment from the day before last. I recently started a new job as a senior designer for a big direct mail company in MN. WAY more stress than I'm used to. So to cope, I purchased these all natural anti stress gummy candy type things from my health food store. I was chewing on one and it pulled the entire crown off of my molar. Do you see the irony? My dentist laughed in my face.