Today we talk about how much we love street fairs, summer in Chicago, the extras in the movies of our lives, and Trader Joe’s carne asada.

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4 Responses to “HMDWL 2”

  1. Cher Says:

    I love meat on a stick. Whoa Babes!

  2. Somewhat Special Chr Says:

    Did someone say "Meat Plaid?"

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  4. Ann-Marie Says:

    One of my favorite HMDWL tangential moments (ooo – could be a fake band name: Tangential Moments) was How Much Did Rob Hate That Automatic Wine Cork Remover His Sister Gave Him. I was flat out on the floor laughing as he's describing having a living room full of people after the cork blew with a wine geyser and he was frantically trying to clean the cabernet off of everything in the all-white appliance kitchen. "And I thought I did a pretty good job until the next morning when I was in the kitchen and looked up. It was a like….a Jackson Pollock painting on the ceiling. And I said fuck it – I like it, I'm leaving it. I told Doug they could take that out of my half of the security deposit if we move".