HMDWL 46! We start off 2007 by loving the Bloody Mary, the TomTom GO and other gps navigation systems, and our personal I Love Lucy moments.

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12 Responses to “HMDWL 46”

  1. Cortny Says:

    Celery salt is the main seasoning for Vagina Chowder, I kid you not.

    My “I Love Lucy” moment:

    My wife’s dad and his family are coming to Christmas Eve Dinner at our house this year. We’ve spent the week cleaning the house and literally I’ve been cooking all day long.

    Everything is going Great and it’s about 5 minutes before they are going to arrive, so I need to quick make the gravy. So I put the stone I had roasted this huge gorgeous chicken in on the stove and I’m doing my thing… all of the sudden there’s a total Lucy moment.

    The stone breaks into fifty pieces and gravy goes flying everywhere as a huge puff of black smoke is rolling out of the huge mess. Then… ding dong! The in-laws are at our house, for the first time I might add. I’m all, “Lori! Stall them while I mop up gravy!” The kitchen is so foggy I can’t see, I slipping on the gravy, the dogs are barking like crazy and now I have no gravy so I have to invent more after I clean up this huge mess and air out the kitchen we are going to have to eat dinner in.

    After the smoke cleared dinner was salvaged and it ended up being okay. But I felt like a total Lucille … or as we say in my family… Loose Wheels.

    Love the show!

  2. Archerr Says:

    Love the Lucy moments!! By the way, Vivian Vance played Ethel.

  3. Jason in Orlando Says:

    I consider myself a Bloody Mary aficionado, so I can't wait to try a little parmesan next time. However, I'm also a mix snob and up until recently only liked my own recipe, because most mixes are mostly water and corn syrup. However there is a bottled mix I found recently that's VERY close to mine. It's called Zing Zang. All it needs is a little extra spash of lime juice… and you're set. Look for it.

  4. Mr. B. Says:


  5. Mr. B. Says:

    There was a long-standing gay-owned bar and restaurant in Milwaukee called the M&M Club. It was truly a great restaurant, Friday Night Fish Fry's (God I love a good fish fry), and a fbulous brunch. They made exceptional Bloody's but instead of celery, the put a large dill pickle wedge in the glass. LOVE IT! Not a green Vlasic pickle, but one of those "I used to go to the deli and stick my dirty hand in the barrel" dill pickles!
    But oh the Fish Fry's…may I? This was an all you can eat Fish Fry with fabulusly fresh hunks, not little pices, but HUNKS of fresh fried scrod. The batter was not too heavy and not to flimsy. It stuck to the fish, so when you globbed the huge amounts of tartar sauce on the hot, crucnhy fresh fish, the batter did not come off. It was so fresh and hot, salt just clung to it for dear life. The would put a plate of fish (depending on the number of people ordering) on the table and it was served with deliciosu crispy steak fries, crispy cool coleslaw made with the right amount of vinegar to mayo to celery seed combination and…and…the most deliscious little spicy potato ball you have ever…EVER had! They did not have anme and I never got around to asking how they were made, but I think they had to have been canned white potatoes that they rolled in this spicy/salty concoction and then deep fired. OH MY GOD! I would eat a bowl of them by myself and then ask for more! Oh and back tot he bloody's…they were good too. Dont even ask me about the brunch special…scotch balls.
    Anyway, the restaurant closed, so I am sad. Since i live in CT and only get out there once a year. Oh well.

  6. Mr. B. Says:

    I must have hit a button after my navigation system comment. Hmmm….anyway Michael went out and got one, despite my bitching and moaning about getting another toy…well I need to learn to shut my mouth…We love it! I am so glad he is in the know. I am waiting for him to walk through the door in June with an iPhone. He better get me a Wii first though.
    I will shut up now…I need to get back to studying.

  7. Jeanne Says:

    Here's my "I Love Lucy" moment: I had recently bought a cabin in a log house settlement. The next Saturday one of the neighbors was having a potluck supper and invited us to come and meet all the neighbors. I baked a pumpkin pie for the get together. I was running late and grabbed the pie tin out of the icebox and ran on down the road to the potluck. When I got there, I handed it to the hostess and started to mingle with my new neighbors. I kept noticing, though, that the pie wasn't put on the table with the rest of the desserts. As it got close to time to eat, the hostess pulled me aside and quietly asked me how I wanted her to serve my dish and showed me the pie tin (which was a piece of left over T-bone steak which I had for dinner the night before which I had mostly eaten and gnawed on!

    I cried "How did THAT get here?" I was so horrified it took me a moment to realize that I had brought the wrong pie tin (they were both covered in foil.) What a way to meet my neighbors. To this day at get togethers, someone manages to bring it up!

  8. Michael Says:

    Mr. B is obviously drunk! Anyhoo… re: GPS. Yes, it's true – I'm also a diehard fan. I have a Garmin Streetpilot that I feel is one of the best investments I ever made. You did mention, Sara, whether or not you've named your unit (no, not Rob's "unit" – your GPS!). I call mine "Bettina" and she's really become a member of the family, especially when she gets that tone when I've forced her to recalculate the route!

  9. Michael Says:

    I, of course, meant to say "You DIDN'T mention…" Sheesh! Sorry 'bout that!

  10. erik Says:

    Home (Restaurant in the castro) has a bloody mary bar. They bring you a glass of vodka, and you go deal with the rest yourself. Fierce.

  11. David Says:

    I have a confession to make….
    …i have never had a bloody mary!?

    (yes i am ashamed of myself)

  12. Bee Says:

    I, too, can attest to the YUMMINESS of the Zing Zang mix.