HMDWL 107! Tonight we love dive bars, freeze dried fruit, and cereal.

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21 Responses to “HMDWL 107”

  1. Graymalkin56 Says:

    I've always eaten cereal quickly because I can't stand to eat it once it becomes soggy.

    My love for crunchy does not apply to oatmeal. But even that needs to be chewy rather than mushy.

  2. Alexandria Says:

    It's a fine balance: I like it to be a touch soggier than it would taste if you ate it right out of the box, but I still like to hear the crunch. Though cereal out of the box without milk is also yummy as a snack.

  3. Gini Says:

    I’ll try to make this brief, but I’ll share my “dive bar” experience. I grew up in Calumet City (far south side of Chicago), where there was a bar on every corner. Some friends and I decided to stay local instead of going into the city, so we went into this little hole in the wall. The bartender was hitting on me all night, so of course I bought into it (free drinks, couldn’t beat it!). He was 16 years older than me, and still had the guts to ask me out. Cut to 17 years later, we’re still married and have 2 daughters 15 and 11. The bar, however is long gone. By the way…you knew it was a dive bar when you asked for a glass of white wine, and they handed you a little bottle of “Sutter Home” Chardonnay, and the red wine came from a box. Classy!

  4. Zachary Says:

    Hey Rob and Sara!
    I just would like to comment that you guys have really been on the ball lately when it comes to making new episodes! I mean, three in a month? Seriously? You guys are cranking out a lot of love for us, and the effort really is appreciated!
    I love love love the show! Thanks for doing what you guys do, it really is awesome!

  5. Lauren Says:

    My favorite dive bar is right across the street from me! Damen and Dickens, its called Danny’s. Small, dark, HUGE variety of music, perfect to take a date!

  6. Kristie Says:

    My favorite dive bar in Chicago is the Whirl-a-Way on Fullerton. It’s very friendly and they have a great jukebox.

    Rob, I think we ate the same cereal as a kid, but I remember it being called King Vitamin. Maybe it was a Midwestern product.

  7. HMDWL Rob Says:

    King Vitamin!

    It was from Quaker Oats – he had a spoon crown

  8. Faedra Says:

    Okay so most of the time I think I imagined this cereal but it was my ALL TIME favorite as a kid (it may have been taken off the shelf because of too much sugar)(lame excuse) But please does anyone else remember Freakies cereal?????Please someone say yes so I know I haven't completly lost it!!!! You guys are rockstars thanks for always making me look like a mental case as I'm walking the dog and listening to you and laughing hystarically through the streets of Sheboygan, I'll send a postcard from the padded room;)

  9. Cliff in Atlanta Says:

    My favorite dive bar in Atlanta burned down years ago. It was a senior citizen hangout called the Savoy. It featured Bob Fountain who would play the piano while people sang tunes from the 1930's. They would have trivia night too and we would always lose because it was trivia about the 30's and 40's. Then they would have dancing and damn those older people could cut a rug. It was so much fun going there. And the regulars loved seeing us.

    Once My friend Mara had the hiccups and the old bar matron made her drink bitters. She told Mara to swig it and her hiccups went a way instantly.

    Bob Fountain has moved on to another bar. Here he is at work:

  10. Geggie Says:

    Soooo…finally got around to start listening to recent and past episodes at the urging of Brian from Cheap Blue Guitar. I love y’all!!

    I too, am going thru a cereal renaissance after starting to date a guy who’s a cereal fanatic. NEVER before did I add banana to cereal and I’m loving it these days.

    ALSO…Sara, thank you! I’m loving the Beauty Tubes mascara. I needed new mascara and picked it up this week. It’s so nice and cheap!

    I’ve also watched ALL of the Green Pornos with Isabella Rossellini. They’re great!

    Love your show and looking forward to catching up. In fact, I’m heading to the gym with three past episodes loaded up and ready to go.

  11. Cliff in Atlanta Says:

    I do not remember Freakies but I have a friend from Mississippi who ate them as a child and even has the Freakies figures and books about them. I found this commercial for Freakies on YouTube just for you:

  12. Sarah Marks Says:

    My grocery stores still carry King Vitamin and Quisp. There is nothing better than crunchy cereal and ice cold milk. Mmm!

  13. Faedra Says:

    Cliff in Atlanta – I Love you, YOU are a ROCKSTAR!!!!! you totally made my day! Now I know I'm not nuts but it does concern me that the commercial was from 1974 and I was born in 1973….how young was I when I was eating all that sugary goodness;) Thanks again, you are the bestest!

  14. Kerri Says:


    I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Every Saturday night at the dive bar in my neighborhood I play erotic bingo!

  15. Brenda Says:

    I love Erotic Bingo. I usually go to the Garrick Hotel. They have it every Saturday from 4 till 8-9 pm. The drinks are cheap and the toys are really good, not some cheap crap.

  16. Sarah Says:

    I am currently eating dry Lucky Charms, and the texture of the marshmallows is giving me goosebumps.

  17. Christi in Portland Says:

    I just listened to this episode today. I totally cracked up. In my past life, all we got was the bright orange box of Wheaties, and the bright yellow box of Cheerios. Of course, to make it taste better, we piled on the sugar! It was then, that I learned that I hate soggy cheerios but LOVE soggy wheaties! yes, I purposely STILL crunch handfuls of Wheaties in a bowl, pour milk, add a tich of sugar, then wait anywhere from 1-2 minutes and it is delicious. YES I am weird!!!

    The sweet cereal had to be purchased with our precious allowances and didn't last long in the house. Favs: Fruit Loops (back when it was only Orange, Lemon & Cherry), Lucky Charms (only when it was pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and blue diamonds…part of this complete breakfast).

    Thanks for listening!

  18. Mary Says:

    If it is truly a dive bar, then you're going to need the right fashion accessories:

    I'm calling dibs on making the baseball cap out of PBR cans. Who's with me?

  19. Sara Says:

    Ha! Mary, one of my friends actually made one of those for her husband for Christmas last year!!

  20. Mary Says:

    I'd be too scared that my sweet hubby would wear it. 😉

    Love your podcasts. And I would still eat Quisp cereal from my childhood, if I could find it. Lately I've been enjoying the Cheerios that is made to taste like Fruit Loops.

  21. belroyce Says:

    When I was going to San Jose State in the early Nineties we loved to go to a bar called Mac's on First street not far from the campus. The bartender there liked us and kept an eye out for us whenever we came in. It was very rectangular with a very long bar. Another bar near campus was the Cine Bar, there was a notice on the door as you walked in that said "No Fighting and No Drugs." Dunno if any of these bars are still around but they were fun for us.

    Hmmm, Corn Flakes…..

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