HMDWL 106! Tonight we love pedometers, Marcona almonds, onion fingers, and Broken Picture Telephone.

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 106”

  1. danny Says:

    Hi Sara and Rob,
    I would email you but I can’t find it right now… but anyways. I always force friends to play telephone pictionary at game nights or after dinner parties. It sounds the same but ya know, in real life.

    So I have people sit in a circle, i cut up a bunch of pieces of paper, about 4inches by 4 inches. I give everyone a stack of papers that is half the number of people playing. Everyone has a pen and numbers the papers in the corner; 1 for the first page, then flip the paper and write 2, next sheet 3 and so on. This is usually confusing but whatever. Then each person writes a phrase on sheet 1., they pass the entire group of papers to the person on left or right and they look at the phrase, turn over the sheet (no. 2)and draw what the phrase is. That person passes the group of papers to next person. they look at the drawing, put that sheet behind the stack of papers and write down what the drawing was. This continues all around the group. When you get your original stack of sheets back that you wrote the original phrase for you stop. Then you go around the room and play show and tell, going from the phrase to what that was drawn as, then what that was guessed as, its usualy hilarious.

    It is probably my most favorite game in the world. Sorry for the long description but it’s easier to play then describe.

    Love you both,

  2. Luna Says:

    So I'm almost caught up on episodes…finally on 106. I just wanted to mention that Nintendo DS has a walking game where there is a pedometer that downloads (interfaces) with the DS! Enjoy.

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