HMDWL Surprises?

How much do we love surprises? In this special video episode, Sara pulls one over on Rob for his birthday. Sneaky!

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4 Responses to “HMDWL Surprises?”

  1. Sandra and Sarah Says:

    We love a surprise and we can’t wait for the next one!

    Sara, your videos are brilliant. Don’t you wish you had been in the Cash Cab when you were stuck in traffic?

    Rob, we miss your mustache!

    Thanks for another great episode.

  2. Cliff in Atlanta Says:

    Shirley seemed like she may not like surprises so much. Rob was so cute and adorable when he opened that door and stood there astounded that he had such a great friend who would fly half way across the country in secret to see him. I loved the beginning of the video too. The shot of the clock and the bag. Brilliant!

    PS I do love a surprise.

  3. diane Says:

    Okay, so how much do I hate that I don't live in Chicago anymore that I could have been a part of this fantastic reunion!

    Sara you look absolutely beautiful. I LOVE your hair!!! And Rob, well, you are just so adorable I think I could just cry. Friendship like that is truly wonderful and you are both so lucky to have each other!!!


  4. ShelbyW Says:

    Yay, we LOVE surprises!!! That was an awesome video you guys. I enjoy ya’ll so much. Can’t wait til the next podcast!!!


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