HMDWL 128! Tonight we love a podcast marathon, ice cream sandwiches, Rob’s unusual phobia, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the fall TV season, and other people’s wireless network names.

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9 Responses to “HMDWL 128”

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  2. Cathy Says:

    Speaking of statues and mannequins….WTF is up with the Old Navy add campaign? I find I cannot walk directly into their store because of the 'crowd' of 'people' staring at me when I walk in. I always have to walk in from another side door. LOL.

    Totally get Rob's fear. I find myself afraid of walking in front of stuffed/taxidermied animals in museums. We have a museum nearby with a mammoth skeleton that FREAKS me out if I see it head on.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    I had to laugh about Rob and the Jolly Green Giant. I used to live

    near there, the Le Sueur area. I already hated vegetables.

    We would drive by the Giant (plus there was always an odor of

    vegetables being processed) and my evil stepfather would say, in a mean

    voice, how if I didn't eat the horrid canned peas, overcooked Brussels sprouts or whatever else we were served, that GIANT would come for me

    at night. I still get the shivers if I think about it or when the commercials

    on tv featured the giant's scary deep "ho ho ho, GREEN GIANT".

  4. BlueBolt Says:

    Stat Order for mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, also, I'm moving to wherever those hand dipped ice cream sandwiches are made….. Heaven on earth.

  5. Michael & Paul Says:

    We have a very dear friend who is afraid of:

    -alien abductions

    -spontaneous combustions

    -live fish in the wild (We gave her a Build-a-Bear teddy where you could record your own voice. It said, "I am a giant sea bass." She screamed and dropped it)

  6. lauren Says:

    My irrational fears:

    antlers and horns (what. the. fuck.)

    plumbing. Pipes, bathtub faucets, drains. I can't touch them. It's very hard for me to be such a clean freak and have to clean those.

  7. Erin Noel Grennan Says:

    I have a gigantic fear of fish. I was bitten on my foot by a Muskie when I was six. Haven't been in the water since. Well, I shower, but that's it. If there is even a remote possibility that a fish might be in the water, there isn't a chance in Hell I'm going in. I even freak out in pools sometimes. My fear goes to irrational places in that I haven't been able to eat fish either. I'm vegetarian now, but when I still ate meat, I could not ever eat fish. Even unrecognizable fish. Like sticks or casserole. I know it's in there AND that it's evil. The thought of ingesting my biggest fear is HORRIFYING!!! So, yeah. All fish. From sharks to goldfish. No thank you.

    Love you guys!


  8. Ghost Mannequin Says:

    I even aberration out in pools sometimes. My abhorrence goes to aberrant places in that I haven't been able to eat angle either. I'm vegetarian now, but if I still ate meat, I could not anytime eat fish. Even bugged fish. Like sticks or casserole. I apperceive it's in there AND that it's evil. The anticipation of ingesting my better abhorrence is HORRIFYING!!! So, yeah.

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