HMDWL 127! We’re back from our vacation together, and in this episode we love lots of road trip and vacation things, including shaving minutes of the GPS estimate, house specialties, the no expectation destination, a multitude of literally literallys, an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster, the perfect tour guide, Incredibooth, iPod shuffling, tan lines, a trip theme song – Shirley Bassey’s Apartment, and a street fair in a park.

Special thanks to the guys at Flat 29’s Big Book of Everything for our fancy new theme music!

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  2. Wes Says:

    When you said how much do we love a coupon when you went to Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, I would like to add, how much do we love when that coupon is on the side of a Coca Cola can. I don't know if they still do that promotion, but I grew up in the Bay Area, and during summertime, the soda cans would have coupons for the Boardwalk as well as Six Flags Great America. You bring the can in and get a discount. I used to think, I need to save this can and go there. I never did, but I enjoyed the fact that I could. I liked both theme parks when I lived there.