HMDWL 111! Today we love White Whine, TV crossover episodes, Laverne & Shirley, and Ruby.

Time’s running out to get your entry in for the 3rd Annual How Much Do We Love a Summer Cocktail Contest! This year’s prizes include a $50 Tasty Jewelry gift certificate, a Method eco-kitchen gift bag, and a SodaStream home carbonator.

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One Response to “HMDWL 111”

  1. Jen Edwards Says:

    OMG, you guys, thank you for telling me about Ruby! I thought it was going to be a real sob story freak show, but she is downright inspiring. Trust me, I am one jaded mother (in both senses of the word, haha), but I love Ruby! She's smart, funny, and sassy–all things that I aspire to be.

    I love how "essited" she is about everything. Adorable!

    Thank goodness for the DVR, I can seek out all the Ruby I've been missing and save it up for Wednesdays (my day off) when the kid's in school and the hubby's at work. I'm so essited!

    Love you both,