HMDWL 110! It’s time for the 3rd Annual How Much Do We Love a Summer Cocktail Contest! This year’s prizes include a $50 Tasty Jewelry gift certificate, a Method eco-kitchen gift bag, and a SodaStream home carbonator. How much do we love that??

We also love The Moth podcast, gingham, and making friends on an airplane.

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7 Responses to “HMDWL 110”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I am also a lover of gingham. I tried all summer to not buy a gingham sundress at Talbots and then when I couldn't take it anymore they were out of my size πŸ™ That's my gingham!!!

  2. Lizzie Says:

    Is there a deadline for the contest? I couldn't remember if you said one or not…

  3. Sara Says:

    Hi Lizzie! The deadline is Labor Day, which is Monday, September 7. πŸ™‚

  4. George Goeschel Says:

    I'm 18A and I love this podcast…I'm a new fan! I'm subscribed and everything! Woohoo!!

  5. Jenn Says:

    How much do I love you!? I started downloading your podcasts about 6 months ago from iTunes. When I subscribed to your podcast, I also found The Moth podcasts. They are also great! I was suprised you love them, too. You're so gingham!

  6. Juniper Ross Says:

    Just catching up on some of the podcasts, and heard about Licor 43. Immediately went out and got some. I am a zoo keeper at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, and had a really hot, sweaty, miserable day, so went home and invented a drink for myself. I called it the "West Savannah Womp Rat" (because that's how I feel at the end of the day). I must also say that I am a giant fan of the Soda Stream (thanks to HMDWL), so wanted to incorporate that into the drink also (of course!). The drink is; Licor 43, 360 Vodka (a eco friendly American vodka), orange seltzer (using the MyWater Soda Stream Essence), half and half, and a slice of orange. Oh My!! So Orangsicle!! Thank you for getting me away from beer and back to the refreshing Cocktail!! Must also say that last year, thanks to you, I was introduced to Lilet. Yummy with the seltzer too as we all know!

  7. Kim Says:

    Where do I find the e-mail to submit my summer cocktail? I know you said it is in the podcast, and believe me, I love listening to you guys… but I won’t have the opportunity to for a few days, though can send my concoction now… can you help me out?

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