Episode 19! We love Voyant, clean sheets, and lavender!

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11 Responses to “HMDWL 19”

  1. jexx Says:

    How much do we love clean sheet night? Oh, me too, me too! (raising hand)

    And how much do I love being mentioned on your podcast???? You all are fantastic. (minor note: I am of the female persuasion, but I can totally understand the gender confusion due to the androgyny of my nick)

    Another thing that I love: drink cups with lids and straws, even at home. Love! I have a thing about bugs getting into my drinks (I'm annoying at barbeques, you can imagine), and feel so safe and sanitary with my ice tea contained in its own house of plastic. There is only one egress: the straw! Nothing is as refreshing as a cold drink sipped through a straw, don't you agree?

    My mom sent me some lavendar linen spray for Christmas, and I am totally with ya on the nummy-ness of lavendar. *Rob voice* Looooove iiit! /Rob voice


    A small disagreement: I do not love the jersey sheets. They ride up in the night and come off the edges of the bed. Maybe if they had a pillow-top (deeper pocket on the fitted sheet) size? I dunno. I prefer a cool, crisp sheet like Sara mentioned. I also live in a warm climate (North Carolina), so that could have something to do with my preference. 🙂

    I have written a reallllly long post and put a ton of smileys in (how much do we love emoticons? I know they are passe, but I love corny stuff like that) and I hope you read it all so that you know:

    How much do we love Sara and Rob????


  2. KED Says:

    Speaking of Lavender..have you tried the "Lavender-Vanilla" Downey Fabric Softener? I love it!

  3. Kristina Says:

    The Lavendar-Vanilla Downey is the best!!!!!!! I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to using it…not only do I use the liquid that you put in the wash, but then I follow up with the dryer sheet in the dryer. I want to climb into the dryer after the buzzer goes off and open up that door to yummy goodness…

    How Much Do We Love Mary B's Parker House Style Yeast Rolls???????? I know the yeast part is probably a turn off, but just sharpie it out and trust me. They're in the frozen food aisle in the grocery store, with the frozen rolls and toast. Put a little butter on top before putting them in the oven and 25 minutes later you are in soft warm buttery heaven. Yes, they're that good.

  4. erik Says:

    How much do we love the remodeled Safeway stores. I'm a fan of small, local, organic, etc., but there some things ya gotta hit Safeway for.

    The new ones (i.e. 4th and King in San Francisco) have fancypants liquor stores, and I buy my Voyant there.


  5. Sara Says:

    Eric, I was just at the Safeway around the corner last night (looking for canning jars…I'm making jam!), and I bought myself a bottle of Voyant. They just remodeled that one this year and I was happy to see the wide variety of booze. Yay!

  6. Tommy Says:

    Wah, I love Chai, but there are no Voyant distributors in Texas, Louisiana or Oklahoma.

  7. Kay Says:

    On the subject of clean sheets, I often think about something I once saw on Oprah. She said she LOOOOOVES "crisp" sheets, so she has her sheets changed every other day. Which always seems like the height of Oprah-style luxury! But…questions arise…does she also have them washed, ironed, and starched to get the "crisp" feeling???

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Wow, cool! Thanks for playing my call from Japan. I'm just glad you could hear me.

    I have to say that I'm happy to be home… but I also miss being there.

    Love the show. 🙂


  9. Sara Says:

    Welcome back, Jiblets!

    Did you bring me back a present? 😉

  10. Daniel Says:

    It’s Saturday afternoon, 3:00 o’clock. My wife and I are in the car driving home after a day of running errands, and as is often the occasion on days like this we have not eaten since early that morning. I keep hitting the pause button on my Ipod that is playing over the car speakers, we are discussing places to eat while listening to “How Much Do We Love” We are starving and need to find some food but we hate to interrupt one of our favorite Pod Casts. And then it happens, Rob (How much do we love Rob) starts to describe the Voyant “pumpkin pie” cocktail. All thoughts of food have left our minds. My wife says to me “Isn’t than big liquor warehouse around hear” “yes, its just down the block, we can be there in two minuets” We pull into the parking lot and head straight in. Jubilance!! There it is VOYANT. “Wait, do we have rum?” “I’m not shore, lets pick some up just in case” Still no thoughts of food. As we get in line to pay, my Wife spots two cocktail glasses in a case, “Those would be perfect for this drink” my Wife exclaims. I look over; It’s a martini style cocktail glass, the base being a large pumpkin colored glass ball, That’s how Rob would do it I think to myself. “Lets get two” We are home now, sitting on our patio enjoying a great Los Angeles June evening, each sipping at our pumpkin cocktail, all thoughts of food having been chased from our minds.

    Thanks for the tip kids
    Daniel & Kim

  11. Maiken Says:

    I found you HMDWL on iTunes and I love, love, love HMDWL! I am catching up, and it couldn't be more fun to hear someone else rave about my bedtime pick me up of clean sheets. I like the jersey sheets, but I am so loving the bamboo sheets I have from Target! They are only 250 thread count, but I must stress how much the bamboo is the luxury of my budget. I could tell you several loves of uses for bamboo some other time.

    Along the lines of lavender have you all seen the variety of items through the Gardner's Supply catalog? You must!

    I love daydreaming over this catalog as it showcases the possible sets of scenes in my future life.

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