HMDWL 168!

HMDWL 168!

Tonight we love  the perfect travel mug (current fave is this style of ceramic tumbler), the soft boiled egg, the Cooking Channel, and Cards Against Humanity.

And thanks to listener Ross! Be sure to check out his site,,  for some great shopping and lifestyle tips!

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 168!”

  1. Ross Sveback Says:

    Hooray, you are back! I have missed you. It is such an honor to have you HMDWL my faux bois, soaps, etc – thank you so much Rob and Sara! Faux Bois Forever!

  2. Luke Miller Says:

    Hey Sara and Rob! This is Luke from the Instant Gratification Podcast! Those ceramic mugs are the best! Hopefully we'll get a new set of things to love soon!

  3. Susann Says:

    Finally back! I've missed you guys and wanted to let Sara know that I got the Fitbit for myself for Christmas and love it!