HMDWL 165! Tonight we love crazy Pringles, pocket dials, Rob’s Rosé Wrap-up, Lisa Welchel on Survivor, and Sara issues a birdfeeder challenge. (PS watch The Life of Birds. It’s so good.)

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 165”

  1. Q-Minn Says:

    I loved this episode, yall! And, when I was in Rome, I came across Paprika Pringles, and thought I'd landed in heaven. Swarthy, delicious, salty, Italian heaven. Hope you get to try these sometime! Thanks for your recommendations, as always… keep them coming, please!

  2. Brandi Valle Says:

    I tried the multi-grain sour cream and onion. They taste like Sun Chips. I feel they are healthier than normal Pringles….but they probably aren't 🙂

  3. more here Says:

    I tired following the How Much Do we Love on Twitter but I am unable to complete it successfully. I am not a computer geek. Could anyone explain the steps to follow you guys on twitter? Sorry for being a dumb.