HMDWL 135! Happy New Year! Tonight we love the push and lock tabs on aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes, Lucinda Scala Quinn’s Flat Roast Chicken, and Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii.

And get ready for How Much Do We Love…LIVE! Mark your calendars for Monday, February 21st at the Wilmette Theatre, and join us for a great evening of music and HMDWLovin’.

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4 Responses to “HMDWL 135”

  1. Bridget Heiking Says:

    I was so excited to hear you talk about Mad Hungry today on the show — I work for Artisan Books, who publishes the cookbook (along with books by chefs Thomas Keller and David Tanis, if you're familiar). I got Mad Hungry from my boss during my interview, and I haven't stopped cooking from it since! I have always wanted to send you one of our cookbooks, and I'm thrilled that you like it!

  2. Cathy Says:

    I looooove Epic Mickey! My brother bought it for me for xmas. I had never heard of it before, and normally dislike walkaround games, since I usually can't figure them out. Epic Mickey is easy to learn to play, and is sorta like Zelda. I enjoy the quest/puzzle aspects of it, instead of something stressful like being chased down by scary creatures. 🙂

    Another recent game acquisition? American Idol karaoke. Really fun, except
    Simon always tells you you're great. lol.

  3. Missy Says:

    I am from the midwest. I have known about the tabs for years and often push in the tabs before I even open the packaging. I've also noticed the Reynold's parchment paper DOES NOT have the tabs. Why, Reynolds parchment paper? Why?

    I also love the Mad Hungry cookbook and have the show on my dvr list. I am, however, ashamed to admit that I first learned about flat roasting from Gwyneth Paltrow's website, GOOP.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    OMG…My hubby and I were blown away about the tabs! We cook together every night and I have never noticed the tabs. Rob is right…it is the one design flaw with that packaging. I have even thought to myself, why don't they have some thing that holds the roll in place…especially on plastic wrap. It is so light that it always pops out. Foil, at the end of the roll does it too. I cracked up all the way home listening to the episode and had to have my hubby listen from the beginning of the question posed to Rob. We both cracked up. When he saw that there was none on the parchment…I said just wait…they will cover that. Love you guys and I have turned on so many friends to you. Your conversations sound like me and my sister who lives in NoCal, I am in SoCal. When you come to Disneyland, you can stay at my house in OC. I live about 20 min away.