HMDWL 132! We’re feeling the holiday spirit! Today we love holiday-themed TV and movies, the Freeze Frame Face, the Take The Picture video, holiday catalogs, Hum Botanical Spirit, The Hairpin, The Bitten Word, and the Spilled Milk podcast.

It’s time for our Fall/Winter Cocktail Contest! Send your fall/winter inspired entries to by December 1st!!

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 132”

  1. @katiberz Says:

    your "freeze frame face" idea goes along with something my husband and I started doing… We call it "nice pause" and we made a tumblr blog for it: It's the same idea, but not confined to faces 😀

  2. Jennifer Says:

    got the Lassie Christmas DVD–3 holiday episodes. It was great!
    in one episode, Lassie gets hit by a truck while saving a little girl, and he has to have an operation! Oy! Guess what, he lives!!

  3. jennifer Says:

    check this out