HMDWL 115! Tonight we love cocktail flights, flavored bitters from Fee Brothers, checkout stand cookbooks, a few celeb and corporate Twitter accounts, and we get an update about Rob’s set of collectible The Rescuers glasses. And Sara reminisces about The Magic Pan restaurants from the ’70s while we sidetrack into crepes.

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4 Responses to “HMDWL 115”

  1. Zachary (In Ohio!) Says:

    Whoa! Two in a month!? And so close together???
    Looks like my two favorite people are on the ball! 😛

  2. Bjorn Says:

    There are Tequila flights here in Dallas. As well as some Gin Cocktail flights.

    In new orleans i had a Chocolate Cocktail flight = sounds good but equals not as tasty as it should be.

    My favorite was Chocolate flight.

  3. Debra Says:

    Crate and Barrel has the mini martini glasses right now and they're pretty cheap. Also, Fishs Eddy (website) has a great selection of glassware that Rob might like. I got my son the "Heroes of the Torah" collection after seeing "Keeping the Faith" with Jenna Elfman, Ben Stiller, and Edward Norton.

  4. deanna Says:

    OMG, there was a Magic Pan at Ridgedale Mall when I was growing up – that's so WAYZATA!