HMDWL 88! Tonight we love sparkling beverages, lunch at Ikea, and Sara’s new grill.

Special guest appearance by what turns out to be a freaky green stink bug.

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4 Responses to “HMDWL 88”

  1. Nessa Says:

    That bug was hella scary! Blech!

  2. Bjorn Says:

    I love when Rob starts talking to the ether. So much fun and so much like the rest of us. Awesome! Thanks for helping my Monday morning get off to a good start.

    The week starts rights…at least by a Wink and a Prayer.

  3. cathi Says:

    I also can't believe Flight of the Conchords tickets are SO Crazy expensive! I love Jemaine, but not sure if I can spend $300 on tickets …

  4. Faedra Says:

    I had to laugh, even harded than usual last night when they used the phrase "wing and a prayer" on The Office. Thought of you guys right away! Have a great weekend and Good riddance:)

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