HMDWL 75! It’s our 75th episode, which it turns out is not the Ruby Anniversary. Womp waah. Tonight we love crazy Asian game shows (like this one), neighborhood smells, and immersion blenders.

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4 Responses to “HMDWL 75”

  1. Clint Says:

    My parents knew I was gay at a very early age, but what must have really sealed the deal when I asked my aunt for a Braun Multipractic immersion blender at the age of 9 (25 years ago) for Christmas.

    My dad wouldn't let me mount the wall rack to the wall, so I fashioned my own counter stand with lumber scraps from the garage. I filled the cracks with spackle, sanded it smooth, and painted it white.

    I's a crafty 'mo.

  2. Jay Says:

    Love Japanese shows?
    Say! Say! Say!

    search you tube there are lots more. HOOOOOOO!

  3. kay Says:

    In our tiny town, spring is the time of the manure smell. And we live 1/2 block from the chinese restaurant's back door, so roundabout 5 o'clock, our house has the delicious smell of … what? Crispy fried eggplant, I guess.

    Philadelphia is famous for its neighborhood smells. The Inquirer once did a map of the smells of Philly. Each of the cheesesteak places smell up the whole neighborhood, especially John's at 4th and South.
    And, an especially grizzly one:,9171,…


  4. Jessuina Says:

    Just finished listening to this episode (I just found your show a few weeks ago so I'm marathoning (is that a real word) through it)

    and I know what may be the weirdest Japanese game show, well reality show really.

    It's called The Crybaby.

    Youtube clip:

    It's in English so you can see what it's about

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