It’s a Monday afternoon and we’re loving chicken strips, condiments, and collector’s glasses!

Rescuers Collector's Glasses

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12 Responses to “HMDWL 14”

  1. Chris Collins Says:

    Roast Beast, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing = Roast Beast Special. I agree with you, Sarah. HMDWLRBS! [And, I have Irish, not Jewish, heritage.]

  2. Abby Says:

    Not Jew food! Pulled Pork barbecue with cole slaw on top. YUM!

    Sara, can't believe you haven't gone into how much you love Indian food!

    And Rob, the whole "ribbons of mayonnaise" comment cracked me up! Heeeeee!

    OK, here's a suggestion which probably isn't something you love already, but I know that if I were doing this show, I'd do it.

    Newman's Own Ginger-O's. YUM! They are like Oreos, but instead of Chocolate cookies, they are ginger. OH. MY. GOD. You MUST try them.

  3. Tommy Says:

    Do your collectible cups have to be glass, or can they be clear plastic, white plastic, or even colored plastic? I'm just curious. I have some fond memories of collectible glasses, but I was a very clumsy adolescent and broke too many of them over the years.

  4. Robbie Says:

    your collectible cups can be whatever want them to be

    Mine happen to be glass – although i have one Wonder Woman cup from Burger King that is plastic. I use it to put pencils in.

  5. Jeanne Says:

    I'm really dating myself here, but when I was a "bit" younger, I collected jelly glasses of The Flintstones. Now I have a bunch of glasses from Dante's Down the Hatch — I love those Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

  6. Robbie Says:

    Jeanne! I know exactly which ones you mean. I actually have a bunch of Howdy Doody ones and some Archie ones. Those were all Welch's I think. I actually (and this is really nerdy) have some of the Howdy Doody ones with the Welch's label still on them. I am pretty sure they are worth a fortune now. But are doing me a world of good in a box in my mother's basement.

  7. Peter Says:

    I LOVE$ the honey mustard with chicken strips! I love the honey mustard with just about any fried foods, or on salad. Especially good are the mini-corndogs from A&W (do they even exist anymore?).

    And speaking of "Moutarde" my fave restaraunt here in Brooklyn is Moutarde, which serves an appetizer plate of sliced veggies and 5 different kinds of mustard – including exotic mustards like raspberry, and banana mustards.

    But you're WAY off on the pesto. On the sandwich or pizza is DA BOMB. And I don't say "DA BOMB" lightly. 😀

  8. Sara Says:

    Wow, my heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of a mini-corndog, although I think I would have to go with ketchup on them.

  9. r.o.b. Says:

    I have some DISTURBING news…I was all cool talking about this great new drink, Mother's Milk…a friend of mine (former bartender) tells me it's already a drink. A heated discussion and a visit to left me w/ egg on the face (but I have heard it is good for the skin–MEH!) Mother's Milk is Goldschlager, butterscotch schnappes and milk in a shot. Boo Hoo. So I'm thinking you should run a listener contest for a name?
    How about….How much do we love?

  10. Kay Says:

    During my return flight from Yucatan Mexico, during which I had no liquids or gels to keep me occupied, I ended up flipping through the SkyMall catalog. As soon as I saw this product – a home corndog maker – I thought of Sara:

  11. Robbie Says:

    Wow – thanks Lori.

    I'm gonna put my mom on the case – hopefully by Christmas I'll have the full set!

  12. Lori Says:

    I found your missing collector’s cups. Check out ebay (you can find everything on ebay). They have the rescuers cups (including Madame Medusa, Rufus, the cat, etc). Search ebay for “the rescuers glasses”.

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