HMDWL Cocktail Contest Results, Part 2

HMDWL Cocktail Contest Results, Part 2! Now that we’ve gathered our ingredients, we test some recipes and choose our favorites. Thanks to everyone who submitted a recipe, and congrats to all our winners!

View the winning recipes here!

Many many thanks to the folks at TastyJewelry, Method and SodaStream for donating our terrific prizes.

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5 Responses to “HMDWL Cocktail Contest Results, Part 2”

  1. Bob Pony Says:

    Much fun guys, great job building the suspense. Sue was delighted that you toasted her birthday, thanks for that! 🙂

    All the drinks looked delicious – I have a feeling we'll be shopping for some diet Sunkist later today…

  2. Anna Says:

    In re: Vinkist…my friends and I make this with either Orangina or Fresca. We are not in college, sadly. And we usually call it "ghetto sangria." KLASSY.

    (Also one time, in a moment of desperation, my roommate used Capri-Sun and Bandit wine to attempt to create a passable substitute. This is not a) fizzy or b) recommended.)

  3. Missy Johnson Says:

    Are the recipes up on here yet? Am I too silly to find them?

  4. LaLaLauren Says:

    The sheer excitement on your faces when the pizza showed up made this the best video podcast I've seen in a LONG time. (=

  5. SteveINtheUKok Says:

    I only just got around to watching the video episodes now, sorry guys, great video podcast though, nice to SEE the both of you again. Fun times!

    You both really enjoyed the winners cocktail, that pitcher wasn't going to last long 🙂 though Rob was really into the Vinkist.

    You asked about pizzas and cutting them in a grid as opposed to a pie. I've had them in the UK in several places cut in a grid, but every time it was always a very, very thin base and cooked in a wood oven. Makes me wonder if it's maybe an italian thing and possibly the pie slices are an Americanisation of the original pizza?

    Either way, your right it does taste better, but I side with both of you, I love the middle 🙂 but I also love the outside. I think its because in a pie slice pizza you eat towards the crust and your kind of left with dry crust. With a grid your eating sideways and get a bite of both crust and juicy pizza??? Also grid pizza's tend to be on that very thin base which is just 10x more delicious than regular pizza.

    Your in the home of Pizza in Chicago, I bet you have some amazing Pizza places, toppings and bases. So that begs the question, how much do you love Pizza and what are your all time favourites?

    Take care


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