HMDWL 100b

HMDWL 100b! As a special tribute for our 100th episode, superstar listener Grand Rapids Guy (aka Mark) goes back in time and offers his own special take on HMDWL Episode 1. Enjoy!! (It’s a large file, but it’s worth it!)

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12 Responses to “HMDWL 100b”

  1. dav.d Says:

    The video was hilarious! Thank you to Grand Rapids Guy for all the effort in creating the video. That was a lot of work and it looks amazing.

  2. Ramble Redhead Says:

    Rob and Sara I truly love you both!

    Wow that was truly an amazing job!

    Grand Rapids Guy – you are incredible and I am a neighbor (Hoosier here)

  3. Kathy Says:

    How much do we love spending time with a BFF…it's been so long
    since we have seen Shirley – and Sara – who knew you lived with
    a couple chickens. Loved it –

  4. Stacy Says:

    I think I just wet myself from giggling so hard!

    Thank you, Rob and Sara, for making 100 of the best podcasts to brighten my workdays and videocasts to make my nights lighter!

    Here's to many, MANY more…which we love!

    P.S. – Grand Rapids Guy? GENIUS!

  5. BABY JON Says:

    That was truly remarkable Grand Rapids Guy. Such attention to detail. I can't believe you did that all in imovie. Ultra highlights for me were Shirley Horn's sneaky entrance, the small detail of when the screensaver started and Sara attended to it, and when Rob falls at the very very end. Really great work… BRAVO!

  6. Nessa Says:

    This was AMAZING! Congrats on the 100th episode Rob and Sara! And great work Grand Rapids Guy!

  7. Bridget Says:

    What a treat! Thanks for making such a wonderful podcast, and thanks to Grand Rapids Guy for being super cool. 🙂

  8. Mark (aka Grand Rapi Says:

    Thanks for your nice comments everyone! Also thanks to Sara & Rob for the giggles, cool products and friends you have brought my way.

  9. Jim Dreyer Says:

    That video was TOO FUNNY. I laughed the whole time. Just a wonderful effort

  10. Matthew Kreps Says:

    What a wonderful video! How long did it take Grand Rapids Guy to record this?

    How much do I love HMDWL? {{{{THIS MUCH!}}}}

  11. Jennifer Hudson Says:

    OMG! I am just finally getting to watch this and it's an absolute RIOT! Amazing job!!

  12. QueenBee Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I just watched this (belatedly). It was AWESOME! Sara and Rob were adorable and the chickens had me rolling on the floor.

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