HMDWL 98! Tonight we love the new MTV Music site, and snacks including cottage cheese, Mott’s Granny Smith applesauce, and seasonal groceries like Trader Joe’s Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake and Baking Mix, Candy Cane Jo-Jos, and pumpkin butter.

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7 Responses to “HMDWL 98”

  1. Archerr Says:

    Thank you for introducing me to the MTV site! I love it! I'm from the 80's and love all those wild videos. It brings back such memories. Thanks!

  2. Bjorn Says:

    Cottage cheese with melba toast, rye crackers or Kavli.

  3. Patrick Says:

    The Land of Confusion video enraged me as a kid. I hated those gd puppets. They scared me to boot.

  4. Patrick Says:

    You can get Kozy Shack at Whole Foods here in Chicago. And I agree, it is yummy!

  5. sharon Says:

    Damn that MTv site! I could spend all day there.

    I love cottage cheese too though I prefer the small curd. We used to get it from the butcher who made their own. I like it with salt & pepper on it. I opt for the low fat from Publix. (I have lots of weight to lose.)

    No Trader Joes here. And Whole Foods is not so close. 🙁

    We do have Kozy Shack. Their rice pudding is very good.

  6. Edubya Says:

    wtf with the big utensils??? How did I not know this already? I hate hate hate big utensils. I refuse to use a full size fork or soup spoon. No how…no WAY! GAH!

    Also, thumbs up on cottage cheese as a whole and you know how I love the trader joes. love!

  7. Kristen Says:

    Soo many great things from this episode that are now loves of mine. From the MTV music video site to the candy cane joe joe's… Mmm… You guys keep introducing me to the best stuff. Thanks so much!

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