HMDWL Method Party!

A video cast from the October 6th listener party in Chicago, sponsored by the wonderful folks from Method. They threw us an amazing party, and we were joined by Green Living Expert Danny Seo, who led us in some fun green crafting projects.

You can find more photos here: Method Party Pics!

Thanks again to Danny Seo and Method – you guys rock!

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One Response to “HMDWL Method Party!”

  1. Matty Says:

    I know I'm super late with responses on this, but I just watched the party and it looked like so much fun. I'm in Los Angeles so I couldn't make it to Chicago but I'd like to put a bid in for a Bay Area meet up in Sarah's neck of the woods. I've been a fan since episode one and would love to hang out with you two as well as all the other local-ish fans.

    Thanks for all the wonderful reminders of things we should all love.


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