HMDWL 91! Tonight we love the new iPhone app Shazam, and reality show catch phrases and lingo.

It’s time for the Second Annual How Much Do We Love Summer Cocktail Contest. Send your recipes to us at Be creative! Photos are encouraged! Even better, bust out those Flip cameras and send us a video!! Get your submission in by July 31. Exciting prizes TBA!

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 91”

  1. The One About the Easy Bake Oven and Long Island Iced Tea « The Smiths’ Occasional Blog Says:

    […] serious cocktail mixing – trying to come up with an entry for the “How Much Do We Love” Podcast summer cocktail contest. The verdict: I stink at making up drinks. EPIC FAIL! So last night I decided to drown my sorrows […]

  2. Erik the Swede Says:

    My Sony-Ericsson Walkman phone has the same thing, only it's called TrackID or something like that, it's really cool and I'm always amazed at the weird songs it can identify.

    Also it's fun to just hum some random smelody and see what the phone thinks it is.

  3. Erik the Swede Says:

    That should be melody… Although when I hum 'smelody' might be more appropriate 🙂

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