HMDWL 85! Sara’s in Chicago, and we go to brunch at the Lucky Platter in Evanston where we enjoy bad art, a Bloody Mary, apricot cheese flakeys, and Rob’s mustache.

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5 Responses to “HMDWL 85”

  1. Robert S. Says:

    love the stash Rob. 😛 and the flakey reminds me of something i made for one of my finals at school, but mine was more of a puff pastry napoleon with apricot and fig preserves. w/ a fennel Crème anglaise sauce 😛

  2. Venus Says:

    OMG how cute are you guys! I am dying over the paintings and foil balls. Ok I want Rob's scramble and a flakey! Love the video, want to be bff's with you both. Adorable!

  3. Peter Says:

    So those celery olive sculptures looked rather phallic.

    But that breakfast looked AWESOME. I want it NOW!

    You and rob need to travel with a photographer to capture more pics of you guys together. 🙂

  4. Leahkins Says:

    Those flakies remind ME of a treat I like to make too! Except mine is more of a crescent-roll-in-a-can dough, lay down a triangle, spread on some whipped up cream cheese/honey/lemon yogurt, spoon on some BLUEBERRY preserves or whathaveyou, lay down second triangle on top, pinch edges, brush with milk, sprinkle with sugar, bake, and scromp scromp scromp, delish! How much do I love crescent rolls in a can?!

  5. C.B. Says:

    We went to their today because of your review. Had the scramble were you pick three ingredient for your scramble egg. The food was awesome. i will return their soon. Thanks for the recommendation. My only regret is that i forgot to tell the management I heard of that place from your show. Take Care


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