HMDWL 73! Tonight we love Ina Garten’s Sagaponack Corn Pudding, various wedding highlights, a few of the new TV shows, and a fresh coat of paint.

HMDWL Flight of the Conchords music at a wedding?

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5 Responses to “HMDWL 73”

  1. tony h Says:


    And BTW…no wedding is complete without Jordon Almonds…

  2. tony h Says:

    OK…Runza was the ethnic name and then chain actually bought the name of the "Runza" so poor runza makers had to give them another name….alot like the coffee shop, that was named Starbuck's, a FAMILY NAME, and the evil STARBUCKS made them CHANGE THEIR NAME…which leads me to How Much Do We Love THE UNDERDOG?

  3. Tuesday Says:

    We actually purposely left out the Jordan almonds, though I agree they are delicious. The complete list was white chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, vanilla jelly bellies, licorice chalk, white m&m's, white salt water taffy, champagne bubbles (made by jelly belly). Choosing only white candy limited the choices, but c'mon…so yummy!!

  4. HMDWL Robbie Says:

    Why on EARTH would you leave out Jordan almonds?

    They are tasty.

    And much like cream cheese mints, should be at every wedding.

    Am I right ladies?

    I'm just saying.

    you might want to get married again and fix it.


  5. Tuesday Says:

    I know!! Luckily, we went to another wedding a couple weeks later and chowed down on some of those little nuts o' goodness.

    Next time we're in Vegas, we'll get married again and have Jordan almonds for dinner. exclusively.

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