HMDWL 71! A recap show after Rob’s trip to the Bay Area! We cover a variety of things including BevMo, Smart & Final, Muir Woods and It’s-It ice cream sandwiches.

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6 Responses to “HMDWL 71”

  1. Arick West Says:

    Hey guys

    So sorry I missed you guys when you where here maybe next time.
    Just had to say sounds like the trip was great and you guys are so so GREAT.

    The It's it is the San Francisco Frozen Treat.

    Keep them cuming!!
    Arick West
    The Beat San Francisco

  2. Anthony Antaran Says:

    Hey, hey!

    It was great meeting both of you last week! I think I over-served Rob at Mix and the Midnight Sun.

    Just had to tell you that I used to work at the Hyatt in Burlingame which is right next door to the It's It factory. Everyday I went to work, I could smell chocolate in the air. Yum!



  3. Mr. Bee Says:

    I always do our dog's inner monologue. The best is when Michael answers back. Kills me.

  4. medha Says:

    I'm super sad I missed Rob's bay area debut. I'm very glad the trip went well! Sounds like you guys had a LOT of fun. I went to high school in mill valley and had a good friend that lived right outside of muir woods so I spent a lot of time there. its SO gorgeous there. I just had an its-it from the icebox vending machine at work (subsidized 50 cents!)I agree, cappucino is the best.. sadly, we just have vanilla at work. I hope you have another listener event soon (maybe in silicon valley area?) and I will be able to make it. Im so sadsies I missed out.

  5. Kay Says:

    You probably don't remember this (why would you?) but I grew up in San Francisco. Yes, I'm a California girl, even though I now live in "the Manhattan of Adams County" PA.

    I was so excited that you were going to love It's Its, because I love them like crazy. Mint is my favorite but I wouldn't refuse any flavor. It's so brutal to NOT be able to eat them ever.

    Other things that you should try out because they are freaking amazing are:

    – The garlic fries at Giants park. Slathered with toasty smushy Gilroy garlic and fresh parsley, they are to die for. The only thing that my garlic-loving husband has ever said didn't disappoint him. Only available in SF and Seattle.

    – Indian pizza from Zante. I know it sounds crazy but this stuff is the bomb, and can ONLY be found in SF. One of a kind. Here's the link: (go into Online Ordering then Zantes Specialty Pizzas to see pictures) Start with the Vegetarian Indian Pizza, it is delicious!

  6. Ramble Redhead Says:

    Loved this show – thanks for the tips for when I make a trip to San Fran – I have been wanting to go so badly.

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