HMDWL 70! Tonight we love biographies, people falling down, and a couple of embarrassing Wizard of Oz stories.

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 70”

  1. Mr. B. Says:

    Michael (QCast CT) directed me in a production of "Pippin." Now, I was playing Pippin's father the King. While singing the "War is a Science" song, I was choreographed to dance on the benches behind the chorus, while they sang and di their thing. I need to clarify, I am not a dancer.
    Of course, on the night we were videotaping the show, as I am dancing, the bench came out from under my feet, my feet fly over my head and I crash land on my shoulders and neck behind the chorus. The kid playing Pippin (who I hated) runs up to me and says (in character) "Are you okay father?" As a true theater professional, I say to him "Get the f*ck away from me!" bounce back up and continue the song.
    I need to get Michael to put it on youtube so you can see.
    I would come into my parents house much after the run ended and find her watching the video tape and rewinding to the fall and laughing her ass off. Ah memories. 🙂

  2. Cliff Dix Says:

    All these theater stories reminded me of one of my most embarassing moments. My cousin was an actress in high school in Atlanta. During the Summer she went to perform at the Jekyll Island Amphitheatre. My family went to visit for a whole week. We went to see them do West Side Story and sat on the front row which was really close to the stage. Of course, at the end a guy comes out on stage and shoots the loudest gun toward us as he is shooting Tony. It scared me to death. The next night we go to see it again and on the front row but just before the shooting I get up and go to the back. The guy comes out, shoots Tony, and as he is dying I tried to sneak back into my seat on the front row. Marie is holding Tony's dead body right at the front of the stage when I trip over someone's feet and practically land on top of them. My cousin later told me that one of the actors came back stage and said, "Some asshole just ruined the whole show." That asshole was me.

  3. Ramble Redhead Says:

    As you told the Wizard of Oz stories it reminded me of podcast from the past called Cousins Queer. They were talking about a very funny story where they went to a school production of the same show and this girl was the tornado and she was in this costume that completely covered her entire body and she was spinning on the stage and felt right into the orchestra pit and it was horrible that it happened but they couldn't stop laughing and it was so funny hearing them describing it just like Rob did. 🙂

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