HMDWL 68! Sara’s still in Chicago, and we are joined by Noah from the PNS Explosion to talk about one thing and one thing only: The Nintendo Wii!

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One Response to “HMDWL 68”

  1. Mr. B. Says:

    Great show. You know you two are the reason Michael and I got the Wii. After listening to your story about Target (I forget what episode it was), I was determined to get one and within a week we did!
    I temporarily lost custody of the Wii to Michael while he transitions us to Florida, but I will see my baby in a few weeks for visitation and then permanently in October. I miss my Wii.
    One of our favorite games is Excite Truck. Now, I HATE racing games, but this is really fun.
    We finished Super Paper Mario. I liked it, but thought it was a bit too story driven.
    Now, if only they made Kingdom Hearts for the Wii, I might wet myself a little with excitement. That was my all-time favorite PS2 game.

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