HMDWL 63! Tonight we love So You Think You Can Dance, a neighborhood mystery, and ginger snaps and Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme cookies.

Bonus for June – Watch Leslie Uggams butcher June is Busting Out All Over. Wheeee!

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 63”

  1. Cait Says:

    I don't really have any good neighborhood mysteries that I can think of. But once, right after my mom and I moved I encountered an almost mystery. I grew up in a small town and right across the street from the new house lived the local 7th and 8th grade science teacher. He was an odd duck, a very nice man probably in his 50's. His name was Leonard Parachini(par-kini) I think his name made him even weirder. One rainy August night my friend and I were watching movies and it was probably about 3:30 in the morning. All of a sudden we hear all of this shouting and the neighborhood dogs are all barking, and there is this huge commotion. So my friend and I run to the front window and peer across the street only to find Leonard runnning around in his front lawn soaking wet with 2 of his grandchildren, the lightning periodically illuminating the freak show unfolding, and shouting and pointing. It was a complete frenzy. Naturally I inquired about this night a couple of weeks later when I saw him at school. It turns out they were digging for worms using this device that paralyzes the worms by sending out an extremely high pitched freqency that was driving the dogs crazy. He told me that it was for their big annual fishing trip.
    How much do we love BEING the neighborhood mystery. My sister and sister-in-law, Cortny and Lori, moved to a new house about 2 months ago. For the first month of living there they had their friend Pete living there with them, and now I am living there with them. Now I am sure that it is hard for the neighbors to figure out all of the moving in and out of other people, and we have visitors all of the time. The next door neighbor confuses my sister and I all of the time. We have had extra dogs coming to stay for a while, pretty much our house right now needs a revolving door. Cortny and I were just discussing today how we are probably hard for our neighbors to figure out.
    I enjoy a good neighborhood mystery, and I also enjoy being the neighborhood mystery.

  2. Mr. B. Says:

    My neighborhood mstery.
    Acroos the street form the house I grew up in was our neighbor Tommy Smithson. Secretly we all called him Boo Radley. All of his windows are covered in big black trash bags. He does not have a car nor a job. But strange things would happen around the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning that could only be traced back to Tommy. Like,footprints in the fresh snow around your house at 5 am, missing cats, odd things removed from your rubbish barrels. You could drive by his house (which is at the end of th street and near a stop sign) and glance over to see only Tommys head sticking out of the bushes. Odd.
    The mystery was, no one has ever seen the inside of his house! It was classic childhood story-fare. Dares to run up to his front door and ring the bell, etc.
    He was very close friends with the old woman (Gladys Barry) who lived in the farm house behind my parents home. The Barry's used to own the entire neighborhood as a working farm until they sold it off. They too, covered their windows, had no phone, their car was filled with rubbish. Mrs. Barry used to put a light in her side window (it faced the back of my parents house) and if there was trouble would turn the light on to alert us of the problem. Again, no one ever saw the inside of her house. She has since passed away and a young couple has completely rennovated it, but even then we did not get inside. Only a select few now what it was like in there.
    Tommy and Mrs. Barry would meet halfway (at the edge of my parents home) and converse. Once, my father told me that they thought their homes were bugged and the Russians were listening to their conversations, which is why they would meet away from their homes.
    Ah, good times.

  3. Cliff Dix Says:

    My neighborhood mystery was a few years ago. My partner, Glen and I live in older condos outside of Atlanta. We had a next door neighbor that we talked to frequently named Daniel. He had the same exact sofa as we did. His fiance moved in and they got married. About 6 months later, Glen and I came home one night and could see right into their unit and it was completely empty. They never said goodbye nor did we ever see the actual move. 2 days later, one morning, we noticed someone was moving in to that empty unit. We both went to work and when we got home that night we could see into the unit from the sidewalk out front. Everything was back in place. There was all of their stuff in the same position as if they had never moved at all. Everything was the same except Daniel’s new wife never came back.
    I love you guys,
    Cliff Dix

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