HMWDL 59! Tonight we love meatballs, especially the Buffalo style meatballs from Aidells, the perfect writing utensil (Rob loves the pens by TUL), and we revisit the I Love Lucy moment.

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 59”

  1. Michael Says:

    Our local gay bar (also a restaurant) has a monday night special: "The Spaghetti and Meatball" It's a large bowl of spaghetti with one meatball. One huge-ass meatball. This thing is literally the size of a softball. The best part? The meal cost $2.99 (and includes salad!)

    A handy tip (that Mr B does not approve of) – make your meatballs and bake them in a muffin tin. That way they stay separated in the oven.

  2. Noah Says:

    I love buffalo chicky sammies. Especially the one from Twisted Spoke. nummers.

  3. Joleen Says:

    Ok I was in the grocery store when I was listening to this episode… NOT recomended.
    I ended up laughing so hard, i was doubled over my cart. I got a few stares, one smile, and one guy saying “wow I want you are on”.
    The story of Jungle Marge and the unfortunate “ho” incedent, too funny! I hope she wasnt too hurt though! I have had plenty of those moments, so I was DEFINATELY laughing WITH her not AT her.

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