HMDWL 58! Tonight we love 100 calorie packs, the car wash, and audio books. We also love Amy and David Sedaris, and This American Life. And we still can’t stop talking about candy.

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3 Responses to “HMDWL 58”

  1. sharon in tampon Says:

    Jim Dale reading the phone book would be awesome! The HP series is wonderful though expensive.

  2. sharon in tampon Says:

    This American Life podcast is only available for a week so subscribe.

  3. Michael and Paul Says:

    Paul: We just finished listening to this one (two years to catch up??). When we first started dating, we went to the grocery store together for the first time. Michael asked, "What can I buy you to keep you at my house longer?" I told him that I needed the single serving popcorn bags (I'm blunt).

    Michael: Cheap and easy must of worked, I guess.

    Paul: Last week, I added This American Life to the Netflix. This is exciting.

    Michael: This is exciting but scary that your podcasts from two years ago coincide with our lives today.

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