HMDWL 51! After a brief hiatus, we are back! Tonight we love snow days, listening to music on “shuffle”, and Pink Martini.

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11 Responses to “HMDWL 51”

  1. Archerr Says:

    OMG..I love having snow days. I'm a teacher and had 3 days off last week because of about 3 inches of ice and snow. Also, I love Pretty In Pink….and the movie too!

  2. Cortny Says:

    Hi guys!!! 🙂

    I am LOVING Pink Martinis!!! I am going to run and get an album quick like. What is the best one?

    Also, I love Jane Monheit. I have been a huge fan of hers for many years and I always get so excited when you mention her on the show.

    Also, HMDWL Regina Spektor… do you know her? Check out her myspace … you’ll fall in love, I guarantee it!!!

    Loved the show guys!


  3. Jen Says:

    I was so confused when I hit “play” on episode 51 of HMDWL and heard Pink Martini instead. I LOVE them so much! It’s the best music for listening to while you’re cooking, but really, anytime is a good time for Pink Martini.

  4. Anna Says:

    I listened to the 'cast on the way to work this morning and let me tell ya, it was a good thing I had some Pink Martini on my 'pod, because I just had to listen to them after your show. YES. Just yes.

  5. Rob Says:

    Loving the musi shuffle.

    My shuffle, at the moment:
    The Little Things You Do Together (Side by Side by Sondheim)
    I Want to Break Free (Queen)
    Underground (Ben Folds)
    Love's Divine, acoustic version (Seal)
    Inside and Out (Feist)
    Love You Out Loud (Rascal Flatts)
    Backward Beating Heart (Amer Dian — great Indie guy from Toronto, kinda Elvis Costello in moments, a little alt-country at others)
    Seven Spanish Angels (Ray Charles, Willie Nelson)
    Why Can't I (Sarah Vaughn)
    Sometimes I'm Happy (Sarah Vaughn)

    Yesterday I had a shuffle going where all the artists seemed to have had breakdowns and gone into rehab. Quite a theme.

  6. Rob Says:

    Oops. How much do we love typos!?

    First line: music

    And it's Amer Diab, not Dian.

  7. Sher Says:

    My current shuffle
    Stylee (David Garza)
    Brown Skin Girl (Santana, Bo Bice)
    Read My Mind (Killers)
    Behind Those Eyes (Three Doors Down)
    Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)
    Fame (DAvid Bowie)
    Favorite Year (Dixie Chicks)
    'Cuz I Can (Pink)
    Two Story Town (Bon Jovi)
    Fergalicious (Fergie)
    Wind It Up (Gwen Stephani)

    I love your podcast can't wait for next one to become available.


  8. John in Ely Says:

    You guys are wonderful! I want to marry both of you.

    Love the idea of the shuffle list. Mine is as follows:

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Jimmy Somerville)
    Mimi On The Beach (Jan Siberry)
    Voules-Vous (Fortran 5 Brain Stem Death Test Mix) (Erasure)
    Rod's Song (Shelagh McDonald)
    Duet For Guitars #2 (M. Ward)
    Blue Kentucky Girl (Emmylou Harris)
    Mr. Tambourine Man (Judy Collins)
    You Dream Flat Tires (Joni Mitchell)
    Go On (Eric Himan)
    Hello, Goodbye (The Beatles)

    Gawd! How queer is that?

  9. John in Ely Says:

    Ooops! Jane.

  10. Marc Says:

    I’m currently listening back to the whole back catalog of HMDWL, and stumbled upon this episode. Thought I’d share my shuffle, albeit done in iTunes. But I guess that is the same thing, pretty much. Also, I tried to post it on the forum first, but for some reason I couldn’t register, it said the administrator had disabled registrations. 🙁

    “There’s a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)” by the Carpenters, “A Kind of Hush”, 1976
    “Come On Home” by Natalie Imburglia, “Counting Down the Days”, 2005
    “Killer Queen” by Queen, “Sheer Heart Attack”, 1974
    “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Henry Jerome, “Ultra-Lounge: On the Rocks, Part 2”, 1997
    “I Try” by Macy Gray, “On How Life Is”, 1999
    “Magnetic Electric”, by Kylie Minogue, “X”, 2007
    “The Wedding”, by James Horner, “Legends of the Fall Soundtrack”, 1995
    “Vision One” by Röyksopp, “Junior”, 2009
    “Valentine” by Delays. “You See Colours”, 2006
    “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago”, 2007

    I put together a quick YouTube playlist, featuring the 8 tracks that I could find over there.

  11. Joleen Says:

    Playing catch up on all the episodes and wanted to share my ipod shuflle list:

    1. Wild World – Cats Stevens

    2. The Guitar Man – CAKE

    3. Fire Escape – Fast ball

    4. One Chance – Modest Mouse

    5. The Mesopotamians – They Might Be Giants

    6. Grievance – Pearl Jam

    7. The Blossoms – Badly Drawn Boy

    8. Better – Regina Spektor

    9. Promising Light – Iron & Wine

    10. Yesterday – Boys II Men

    If you havent already heard of Badly Drawn Boy, i would highly recomend checking him out. seems to fit your tastes

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