HMDWL 41! Tonight we love some new games, the Cracker Barrel, and being a regular.

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7 Responses to “HMDWL 41”

  1. Cortny Says:

    Hello you darling dears!

    There is this great game called "Man Bites Dog" … everyone should own it!!!

    You are delt five cards with various words on them… for instance "Priest", "Dog", "Angry", "Naked", and "Runs away with". Then you have to form those into a newspaper headline…

    Naked Priest Runs away with Angry Dog.

    It is so funny and completely easy to play. It also makes a great gift… you won't be dissappointed, I promise!

    Love the show, as always!


  2. davis freeberg Says:

    How much do I love games? We always play Trivial Pursuit at my family get togethers.

  3. Mr. B. Says:

    My favorite games are the ones that you play with house hold/home made things. Like "Celebrity" or "Who Am I" (i.e. the masking tape game) or good old fashioned "Spoons".

  4. Mr. B. Says:

    I forgot to mention that when it comes to board games…I do have some favorites:

    Cranium (LOVE IT)
    Monopoly (dying to open up the new version)

  5. Noah Says:

    Devin and I LOVE the yahtzees. Hey, is there euchre over 'der in SF?

  6. Robbie Says:

    Noah, I still have an unopened game of Yahtzee from that time we were gonna play it at the beach and I ran to Walgreen's to buy it.

    we should do it soon.

    and we should also play the game

  7. Kristina Says:

    Question of the week….am I considered a regular if I listen to How Much Do We Love each week? I mean, I regularly listen and I support the HMDWL movement.

    Does that consitute being a regular? Or are podcasts a restriction in the rules of regulation? Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves…..

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