HMDWL 23 features some new extras in the movies of our lives, Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels, and singer/songwriter Allison Bazarko. We close the show with her tune, “End of Summer”. Check her out at

Allison Bazarko
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Foiled Again

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7 Responses to “HMDWL 23”

  1. Katie Says:

    I LOVE those Trader Joe's peanut butter filled pretzels!! As far as I know, my nearest Trader Joe's is about four hours away, so I eagerly wait for Christmas ever year when my uncle who works for the Trader Joe's sends us a box of snacks. Also, I have started observing the extra's in my life's movie, and have come to realize that an extra who routinely comes into my place of employment, (I believe for the sole purpose of giving me someone to laugh at,) also attends the same university I do! I see him walking around, and it gives me a good laugh, and it makes me happy to know that my extras are so dedicated.

  2. Allison Says:

    You guys are too kind! Can you feel me blushing right now? Thanks so much for playing my song and just being the coolest friends! Listening to myself on that call made me feel as if I should be wearing a Sox baseball cap and chomping on a polish sausage 24/7. Southside indeed. You guys are the best!


    1. Crazy Crossing Guard Lady is missing!!!!! School started this week and some broing impostor has taken her place. We were so looking forward to the first day of school just to see her again. Not sure what to do about this. I feel like calling the city! We need our dose of crazy in the morning!

    2. I actually tried some peanut butter filled pretzels from CVS, and they were pretty damn good. I can't remember the brand, but they came in a small grab bag sort of thing, which was perfect, becuause it kept me from eating an entire barrel full, which we all know I could do.


    Love you guys!

  3. Peter Says:

    How much do I love Allison's music? THIS much! ::arms spread wide::

    Fantastic. Thanks for the intro to her stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Allison Says:

    Thanks, Peter!!! (blush…blush…)

    There's going to be plenty of new music coming soon, as I am taking part in a singer/songwriter podcast in which I'll be submitting a new song every week!!! I need to get writing!

    Thanks again!

  5. QueenBee Says:

    The peanut butter filled pretzels from Office Max are *ok* if you can't get to Trader Joe's. But there's something different about them. I dunno. Maybe the pretzel part isn't as thin. They're just not the same.

    Oh. And everybody knows the Baz rocks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Kay Says:

    So I live like a million miles from a Trader Joe's. I keep moving and in swoops TJs right after I leave. So I haven't had the peanut butter pretzels (or Carne Asada, because I'm a vegetarian anyway), but I do have a great fondness for Take 5 bars:

    It looks like (if you have the right plug-in) you could even get free Take 5 bars from Hershey's to sample. They're pretzels wrapped in peanuts and peanut butter, wrapped in caramel, wrapped in milk chocolate. Yummy. As the promotional blurb says: "a delicious salty sweet snack."

    A few years ago, I realized that I could combine my love of chocolatey sweets with my love of salty snacks. Someone turned me on to crumbling potato chips or pretzels on ice cream – mmmm. Another variation (featured in the truly horrendous First Daughter, which replaced High Crimes as the worst movie ever seen on an airplane) is to mix candy in with your popcorn!

    Now, I am actually going to digress. When I heard it, I knew the potato chips thing was genius, because potato chips feature in a treasured family recipe. How MUCH do we love Macaroni and Cheese???? A LOT. Well, my dad's unusual variation (made with Velveeta, natch) involves 1) mixing in green peas and 2) layering extra crunchy potato chips with layers of Mac/Cheese/Peas. It's so delicious! The chips get infused with a cheesy goodness and add much needed textural variety to the standard M&C. So that's my tip and I'm sticking to it.

  7. Nessa Says:

    I have listened up to this cast!

    OMG! The crossing gaurd!

    I am so glad Robbie told us via the daily purge to take a listen! This is a great cast! I can't wait to hear the rest ๐Ÿ™‚

    And OMG Kay I LOVE Mac and Cheese!

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